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Trojan.FakeSmoke description

Trojan.FakeSmoke is a rogue anti-spyware product developed by WinBlueSoft. Once installed on a computer it will periodically warn the user that they get infected by some malwares, which are some non-harmful text files that dropped by itself and could only be detected by this program. It will only stop when the user buys a copy of the software.

The fake antivirus program may be known by several names: SystemCop, QuickHealCleaner, TrustWarrior, SaveArmor, SecureVeteran, SecuritySoldier, SafeFighter, TrustSoldier, TrustFighter, SoftCop, TRE AntiVirus, SoftBarrier, BlockKeeper, BlockScanner, BlockProtector, SystemFighter, SystemVeteran, SystemWarrior, AntiAID, WinBlueSoft, WiniBlueSoft, Winishield, SaveKeep, WiniFighter, TrustNinja, SaveDefense, BlockDefense, SaveSoldier, WiniShield, SafetyKeeper, SoftSafeness, SafeDefender, Trustcop, SecureWarrior, SecureFighter, SoftSoldier, SoftVeteran, SoftStronghold, ShieldSafeness, Antiadd, AntiKeep, AntiTroy, SiteAdware, IguardPC, GuardPCs, TheDefend, SysDefence, ProtectPCs, APCProtect, GreatDefender, PCsProtector, PCProtectar, InSysSecure, SysDefenders.

Aliases: Trojan.Win32.FakeSmoke [Ikarus], Trojan:Win32/FakeSmoke [Microsoft], FakeAlert-IT [McAfee], Win32/WinBlueSoft.A [CA], Trojan-Downloader.Win32.FraudLoad.vtgpk [Kaspersky]

How to get rid of Trojan.FakeSmoke

This infection can be removed using Spyware Doctor.

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Spyware Doctor is widely valued as one of the best AntiSpyware programs available to protect you from Trojan.FakeSmoke and the latest internet security threats. If your computer is infected with Trojan.FakeSmoke we strongly recommend automatic spyware scanner.



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